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Well, I made it !

A whole year afterwards, but I remembered the inspiration - thanks Tiel ;)

Cindy K

We call it Magic Reindeer Food with a very similar message. We also put in oats with the bird seed and glitter (and sometimes we use edible glitter when we can find it).



We do reindeer food too, only we put glitter in porridge oats!

Happy Christmas.


Fantastic reindeer dust idea !

Saving this idea for next year .. we've only latched onto the idea of 'Santy Paws' this year, so the reindeer might be a tad too much :)

Merry Christmas xx


Thank you for posting this, what a great idea! :)


We have this toilet competition at our house every night, first to the toilet wins! I'm all into competitions, it works so much better than talking to them ;-)


Your blog is so much fun to visit! I have been loving all you beautiful birds.

Violet & Rose

And how good is that reindeer dust. Beats the multitude of candy canes that are coming home with Christmas cards from school. Aaaggghh, stop giving my kids sugar overload! Or as my father will say, "They'll rot your teeth".


Sleeping advice, it is so hard, Edward did not sleep properly until he was about 6, and that was mainly because we had to give up with some things, and force him into other things! No easy answers, sorry!
Reindeer dust, I may have to nab that idea!


This is such a cool idea...I almost want to do it for myself :) fantastic!


This is great! Miss M is clever, she can’t live up to the expectations, so she says she doesn’t like stickers. Oh my dear, education is the toughest job on earth! You’re doing great with the stickers, lots of little ones of friends and family members were trained receiving stickers, or tiny little presents. As long as you don’t buy them a Ferrari everything is OK!
Thanks for the glitter dust tip!


Oh, I love this idea so much Tiel. Thankyou - I shall definitley be using it! :)

Sorry to hear about Miss M's sleeping habits. No tips here (we are the soft/sucker parents who still lay down with their 4 year old every night), but lots of empathy from a solid 3 years of sleep related angst. Hope she settles down into her own routine soon. xo


Oh I remember those nights. Wait a minute...I'm still having them. My kids often get up in the middle of the night to crawl into our bed. As long as they go down at night I don't mind snuggling up to them in the morning. My son did that, and he is now 10. So I am going to choose to cherish those times. Keep experimenting until you find what works for you.


WHAT a great idea! Fantastic for small people to give to classmates, love it! Thanks for sharing.

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