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I just ordered this and the other Traction Man book for my "4 yr. old super hero" Thanks for the recommendation!

made by Maisie

I like how your quilt is coming together. I have a lot of those fabrics too in my stash.

x Catherine


gosh that crumble looks yum. and so does your quilt- love your colour choices!


I should find some rhubarb and try it. I never have. A Crumble should be a delicious way to try anything new. I think I might. Thanks for the idea!


lovely quilt! those colours are gorgeous.

I feel like baking... but... with the boys away and the husband in the office 12 hours a day... guess who'd be eating all the pie?

Exactly. Not a good idea.

Kylie Hunt

We had a rhubarb + apple crumble this week too! So yummy :)
Your quilt looks fabulous and I'm totally in love with your green/red circles card! K


Gorgeous scrap quilt and the crumble looks delicious. I love the way it is tantalisingly oozing over the top of the baking dish! I don't have Maggie's cook book but I've enjoyed watching her on The Cook and the Chef series which I've heard is sadly going out of production....

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