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Oh I am sorry you had sick-child syndrome. Never any fun, for mommy or child. But the waffles look like they might have helped!


poor little M. hope she's all better as quick as quick can be.

Nice flowers - what are they?


ah yes, the same thing has happened to me this week- a head full of plans only to be interrupted by kids and their viruses. how could miss m not feel better with a mum like you to hang out with?


Ah, snot - I never knew how powerful it could be until I became a mother! I hope M is feeling better today. It's terrible when they are sick.

We are in a similar situation today, or at least I thought we were... I caved and let Audrey stay home after a morning of "I'm not feeling very well". After an hour of quiet time on the couch she is currently in the next room playing loudly & jumping about. I'm glad she's ok, but, sheesh!

Take care, xo


kids, hey? They KNOW when you make plans... they might think it's funny to ruin them... but it's snot!!

ha ha ha ha

Sorry, juvenile and immature humour, can you tell I have boys?

Ange Brown

Hi Tiel,
Is the mac tv the add-in you can buy at places like jb hi-fi. I looked at it the other day for my 18 y/o, it was only $150...he said nah...how am I going to play playstation on my mac??? Sheesh how can I have been so dumb?
Thanks also for my print...it is gorgeous and will look great in my 4 year olds b'room, his theme is the sea...
Cheers Ange
Hope your little one gets well soon...nothing like a good old tug at the heartstrings when one of our babes is sick!


Hope your kiddie gets better soon. Your waffles look yum!


Hi Tiel, a friend of mine has an Apple TV...she's very happy with it, she didn't want to go to the major expense of purchasing a brand new set when she'd just upgraded to a new 24" iMac. I say --- go for it!! Is it just for your office? Maybe you don't need to tell anyone else you're going to get one hee hee.


Get well little one. But pleased for you that you could enjoy the unexpected slow day.

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