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Print more relief things. I love it.


Hello -
I am struggling with registraion STRUGGLING...Would you say that laying the block face down on the paper is the best method as other ways are losing me about 80% of the edition by the time I add all my colours...its devastating- BTW this is a wonderful page. :o) if anyone could email me with registration tips, troubleshooting I would be so grateful.


Thank you for a great tutorial - you're a gem! Now I'm feeling very inspired and looking forward to giving it a try.....

Are the Speedball products relatively easy to find in Australia?



I am working on an invitation, and wanted to block print it (the type will be the paper color, and the background a solid color). I have a couple questions I thought you might be able to help with (or maybe one of your readers).

The artwork is such that I can't cut it myself. Do you know of anywhere I can have a custom plate made that would work similarly to a linoleum block?

The reason I want to block print these is to achieve an irregularity in the ink that is laid (I'll be using a toothy watercolor paper). But if there is a differentsolutin you would recommend, please let me know (I have also considered silk screening -- and gocco though the gocco image space is not large enough).

Thanks so much! If you want to e-mail a reply, that would be really great. scmccombs@gmail.com

Printing Australia- flyers, brochures, pamphlets, postcards & fliers

Great stuff- looks like fun!


I just made my first print from the speedball block. I bought a brayer but maybe it's not necessary. I used an old set of lino cutting tools. Is there a set of knives specifically for the new soft speedball block? Wonderful prints and inspiration.


ooh, you make it look so easy! how inspiring - i have to get me some materials and give it a go. thanks for sharing ^_^


interesting. But please tell me how do you make multi color print?


It's wonderful how creative you can get with tools. Thanks for the ideas!


It's wonderful how creative you can get with tools. Thanks for the ideas!


They are great. Thanks for sharing. The Papua drawings are very interesting also.

Heather Moore

Thanks for this tutorial! I've got a piece of lino lying around at home and now I know exactly what to do with it!

Sassafrass Winter Solstice

Great information!

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I have been in love with making relief prints for many years now and can never seem to find enough inspiration/information online to satiate my appetite.

Every resource that I find - I totally eat it up with delight. But yet still want more. So thank you for sharing your perspectives and creative ideas.

I love your suggest regarding the "old set of dentistry tools" I never would have thought of using cutting tools such as that. I especially love experimenting with linoleum printmaking -- and I might just try using your tip.

Thanks once again,
Fellow relief printer

Sassafrass Winter Solstice

simple me

This is great! Thanks for the tutorial.
I have been planning to try and make some prints (I even have bought the tools a while ago) and now here I find a place of inspiration showing me how to go about it. Thanks!
Your prints are very pretty and I specially like the one with that bold black leaf.


luv your prints. i currently use brown lino but have heard about alternatives such as the speedball product, but can you get this in Australia? :0) x


hey, this is great, thanks so much! and i LOVE the single leaf print, beautiful and simple.


You know what I used to do? When I'd have a drawing I wanted transfered to the block I would take the block, lay a piece of carbon paper down, take the drawing and put it face down. Then I'd take baby oil and oil the paper. This made it translucent. Then I'd trace my drawing and it would transfer to the block.

Great tutorial!!! Your prints are inspiring!


great tutorial! got a couple of tips here that are wonderful. thanks! :)


This is great. I wanted to try this at home for such a long time (being a textile printer by trade) but just never got round to taking the plunge and buying the equipment...you know, doubts such as what if I can't do it and what if I can't think of anything to print???? Silly really...you've inspired me yet again to go for it so thank you!

Oh, and I started to give the crochet another go yesterday and it seemed to be a little easier considering Lexie was snatching it out of my hand every two seconds saying "that's mine!". Yes she's at that stage where she thinks that everything is hers and doesn't want to share anything. I showed her the photos of Ari & Milena with the babous and she got very annoyed that these two unknown children had "HER" teddies!!!

I love the simplicity of these prints.


Thank you so much for sharing your insights!
I would love to try it soon... a certain project should be finished in only three weeks... hope it's not too tricky.


i am so inspired! wow!


you do make it sound easy... except I can't draw to save my life. Really, even my kids have stopped asking me to draw for them and wait till dad comes home.


But I love block printing...

Maybe some abstract shapes... I can do shapes..


Wonderful!!!! what is that printing block made of? Thanks for sharing and showing!!


I love the idea of you carving with dentistry tools!

Do you have any suggestions for an alternative to water based printing inks (which I can't get hold of here)?


Great tutorial.Thankyou for sharing. Love your prints - fabulous!

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