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Wow, isn't that a fabulous selection of tea? I haven't heard of Lady Grey before, only Earl Grey. I feel like I need to raid a tea shop and find out all there is to know, hopefully sampling everything :) Love your cups and saucers and how wonderful to sit by the pool with palm trees and sun! Thank you for taking us to dreamy places.


mmm, turkish apple. sounds delish! your tea ware is absoluetly stunning. so good to meet you!

simple me

So glad to see you at the tea party. I'm happy you came. I really enjoyed your Twinnings Lady Grey, one of my favourite teas as well. And those blue and white cups and plates are lovely.


i also have lots of the lotte crockery, i used to buy it for my mother when she was alive many years ago. in fact this afternoon i made a pot of tea in the teapot! i did not have the other delacacies, but enjoyed 'a nice cuppa tea'.


What beautiful flavours - I love T2 as well and Twinning English Breakfast is one of my favourites!...Your tea cups are wonderful!


Oooh, my friend at work, Sam and you would get on well...she's a lady grey fiend!

I love your crockery and can see that you are very inspired by it. It's beautiful.


Thanks for sharing the beautiful dishes with us. I hope we don't get into a fight over them! We are all so lucky, to be able to pop over to Equador at a moments notice. Such spoiled women we are!


Oh my goodness! I think I'm in love. A Turi cup is it? I must find one. My heart's aflutter!


i adore your crockery, i've never seen anything like it before, so, so lovely! keep your eye on me; i may just slip a cup and saucer into my pocket on the way out!

tongue in cheek

The clarity of your images! Those cups of Earl Grey! The sun is up and the party is in full swing!


What a lovely idea! Russian Caravan Tea was my favourite afternoon tea when I was a student. It came loose in a beautiful pale blue tin. I can smell it now. Thanks for unearthing the memory.


hello nice to see you! Love your cups!!Blood orange...sounds interesting!


I know it is my first time here...But, I think you under estimate how long we will have you locked away for the Tea Party. It might be so fantastic that we might have to extend it...What do you think???

Veronica TM

So glad to be having tea with you!! Your cups are beautiful and the friands look delicious! I will have to try the peppermint and vanilla one. Enjoy the party!


Can I please try the vanilla tea whilst I ogle your fine collection of tea cups?
cheers, LJ


We're early to the Tea Party in Ecuador too... which means we get to fill up on Turkish Apple tea, sample Blood Orange tea and all sorts of mint teas before ducking across to the classics.
Here's to more tea parties... (without the washing up).
take care, g


My heart just skipped a beat. That Turi-Design Lotte mug and saucer are the exact ones that I wrote about last week - the ones that I just missed out on at the thrift store! Boo hoo. Glad to see you enjoying your set. My favourite tea is also Twinings' Lady Grey. Delicious!


Mmm. tea and cake. I love chai. sorry. and I don't like any version of earl grey. sorry. I love TURI design stuff, and am adding to my collection as often as I can afford. It's not easy to find nor as inexpensive as it used to be! [sigh]. might go and make a cuppa now (milk and one). Assam. That's what I have at work. lovely.


Oh, you're quite early... and OH you are bringing Turi Design Lotte... love it! Enjoy your tea!


love your pictures.....just going to make myself a cup of tea now!


Oh yeah! It sounds just lovely! I don't like chai either (does anyone really?). Hehe. I like plain old black tea with a teaspoon of honey and lots of milk. I love milk.

That crockery is gorgeous! I saw some just like it in the Paddington antique centre - in the little retro shop there - you know the one? It was exactly like the stuff you have. I was so going to buy it, but it was a little expensive on that day (my budget fluctuates daily), I wonder if it's still there? Nice stuff.


yay! love your contributions. the friands are divine. mmm, mmm, mmm. i'll post a link to you tomorrow morning (my time). :) so, nice to have you!!!

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