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tash at poppyseeds

Can you tell me how you made the pretty formation of images in this post , ie what softwear do you use to make the box of pictures with the title at the bottom? I would like to try that at my typepad blog. Love your post by the way!


This is funny, magical, charming, but most of all precious. Totally and completely precious. My heart. Why are babies tugging at it??? oh my.


I always to like Ali... I'll organise for some me-time and then... miss them all like crazy and are jealous of their fun. Crazy job being a mum.


What great pics!!!! 4 year olds are so much fun arent they? That said, some time to yourself to take it easy sounds very dreamy!! Go for it! Loving your Autumn quilt by the way and Im with you - I cant wait for the new season!


Beautiful - the rubber gloves made me laugh out loud! And the undies? Reminds me of my daughter when she was around this age and came out with all of her tights draped around her like so many scarves. Love that dress-up-urge!

simple me

I just love those feet with rubber gloves. They really made me laugh :)
How creative children can be. Wouldn't it be wonderful that we kept that kind of freedom as we grow up?
Have a wonderful week Tiel...


Those chicken-feet are hysterical!

Do as the mood takes you. Sometimes I've packed the boys off with Daddy, only to realize I am actually pining for the 3 of them and should have gone too.

But on the other hand, alone time is a precious thing.

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