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Your collage is just wonderful...how exciting to be part of the quilt project...and I'm loving the work with fabric,paper and ink!

simple me

There we have two more gorgeous illustrations...I love the line drawings...can I embroider these? Just joking :)


lovely lovely work - im also doing the paper quilt project (march). Really like the dry grass stems!!

Miguel Tanco

love the art, congrats! i felt so inspired about the idea of the colors that i started my own color sketchbook, its a nice way of study the colors and the how to apply them...thanks


oh my! Pirate Perch is adorable! the canvas and the illustrations, just beautiful. happy to hear your eye is improving, and I can totally relate to mess!


Oooh, I love, love , love the pirates perch stuff - it is adorable!


is that what i think it is??? :) it looks fantastic!!!


i like your contribution! i gotta get going on mine...i have an idea but have yet to start executing it.
and i love love love your birds with telescopes.


I'd never heard of a paper quilt before -- my son loves math quilts, but that's something different all-together... I think we're going to have to make a family paper quilt. Thanks for the inspiring post!


I love the paper quilt square. It seems I am a complete sucker for unusual uses of text and your text grass, well it is just fantastic. As is Pirate's Perch. What I keep coming back to is the telescope - something about it just being there in mid air, the watching. Again, fantastic. And before I sign off - herbally, a tea made from eyebright, cooled and used as a compress cures all manner of eye issues. Soothing, complementary medicine. Be well.


Love your 'word grass' and glad your eye is on the mend - why is it that eye stuff always really really hurts.


how wonderful. I bet your letter one would look amazing in fabric too!


Love the pirate's perch piece. Lovely fabrics and colours I am very partial too. Great idea.


Wishing quick (and painless) healing for your eye. You're still able to make amazing art though! Love the appliqued canvas.


They look great.


Love the pirate's perch pieces - the blue background and white line drawings are beautiful. Good that your eye is feeling better.


I am glad your eye is improving. Love the picture on the canvas!

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