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did you know that traditionally the japanese wear kimono that reflect the next season? so in winter they wear prints and designs that remind them of the coming spring, with lots of green and blossoms. gives you something to brighten your day and look forward to.
love the quilt, the colours work beautifully together.


Really really hanging out for autumn.


As someone who is in the middle of a Canadian winter, I think the seasons are just too darn long. We need like ... eight seasons to keep things interesting!


How beautiful! To inspire and then be inspired. This blogging thing is fantastic, isn't it?

shiso mama

i love all this back and forth inspiring, and how the work changes with each step. can't wait to see the finished quilt.


Yes, I often feel like that! Especially I love jumping to Autumn during the Summer!


Mango, my favorite. especially on a stick with chili powder...And the inspiration for quilting...Wonderful.. yes, seasons.. I am sprinting to spring and also peeking into the warmth of summer, and memories made on a swing from a huge tree eating rapidly melting ice popsicles...Head on my loves shoulder....dreaming....Yes.. I am in Spring in my mind....


I check your blog oh so often as I love your birds, as I have told you before. Also wanted to let you know that Marie Claire Idees will start for you with their Spring edition.
Good wishes, Liz.


i'm currently knitting a cowl and coveting the perfect pair of boots - all while its 30 degrees outside. i think i can safely agree with jumping the season gun!


That mango on a plate looks exactly like Monica's quilt. Yum. No wonder she was so inspired.


That is an inspirational mango! I saw the quilt first. It's nice to come full circle and see where those colors choices caome from!

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