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once every 6 weeks, that's a pretty high ratio of neatness by my standards, beautiful colours and space.


"painted love wowowo"

your room looks fab ;)


wow tidy or what?

Back from Tuscany, phew, travelling with three children is no joke. Love the colour of your wall... I feel like repainting mine... although I ought to first tidy up!!

Happy creating!


Gorgeous colours! I love how it all plays so beautifully together with your amazing floor. Oooh and what do i see on your desk there...nesting bird?!!


Jenny (aka Jorja's Nanna)

Hi from Bendigo! I found you via a few other blogs, so can't remember exactly who's blog directed me. I love your studio and your works are truly inspiring. I'll add you to my favourites. I have just started a blog last week so I'm very new to this.
Cheers, Jenny (aka Jorja's Nanna)


What a wonderful space! Love the wall colour.


hello from london, im so envious that you have a lovely place to work, i call wherever i sit my studio...im longing to have a space to make a mess...but im leaving this comment just to say you have a lovely blog with lovely images, i randomly picked an old month just to see, and i saw i think in feb this year you did a bird composition and stretched him over a canvas, brilliant...love it, birds are big with me at the moment as you will see from my blog, i originally saw your work in the flickr group ,flights of fancy...i sooo love flickr..i have added you to my fave blogs so that i can keep coming back for more visual treats. much love from london x


That's a really great colour! You're a lucky woman...that's one heck of a studio.


That's so soothing - will you pick out my paint colours for me next time I decorate? Because I always mess it up!


I'm insanely jealous! I want a space to call my own too! and it is a beautiful blue!

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