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love wallpapers

Hi guys.The picture in the blog is very nice.I like to share about the free HD backgrounds and wallpapers.Keep update more things in the blog.

free pictures

It is beautiful wallpapers coming from this site. I always visit this site because of those wallpapers. I enjoy using different wallpapers in my desktop and those types of wallpapers are perfect for me.


Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I love these wallpapers! Is there any way to download them onto an iPad?

signs of heart attack

I love those wallpapers, I thing they are very cute.


Thank you so much for this design. I've had it up as my wallpaper for some time now, and just today I used a snippet of it on my blog (www.cantdocell.blogspot.com) for a header. (I have no idea about web design, just clumsy cut and paste, so this was my only option for something chic and beautiful!) I hope this is all right with you; please let me know if you would rather that I not use the image for this purpose.


ooooh, thanks for the adorable wallpaper!!! Nesting has quickly found its way onto my screen - too cute!!! I saved Magoo from the mobs in Texas (every passer by wanted to buy him!!!) and he has made it home in one piece. I will email you shortly about our fabulous swap and get your package organised soon. Hope you are feeling much better =)


such a lovely idea. I'm always looking for new things to dress up my mac!


These are lovely! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for sharing! They are lovely! I love nesting.

It's Lovely

Thanks for sharing, these are adorable! I just downloaded 'nesting' and love it!!


Thank-you for such a lovely gift! It gives me a lift every time I open my computer.


Grazie!! Thanks so much for these fantastic wallpaper. The tiny birds are just on my mac!!
Giuli in Italy


Merci beaucoup. It's beautiful !


Beautiful!! And thank you so much for the wide version!! I usually have to pass by wallpapers because there's no wide screen version... But I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you, thank you!

Laura Bucci

I love the blue one -- wreath. But will probably try all of them. Great wallpapers. Thanks. (found you through poppytalk)


Thank you! These are wonderful and just the push I needed to clean up my desktop! :)


Thank you! What a lovely way to refresh my dreary (and cluttered) screen :-)


How appropriate since I'm nesting :))

Uncle Beefy

Thanks, Tiel for your generosity of talent and spirit! The wreaths look amazing on my desktop. Have bookmarked you and will return! Thanks again...cheers!


rad! thank you so much!


Thank you so much! I changed my computer at work right away. I love the colors of wreath. So calming to look at.


Thank you Tiel, I now have a Tiel Original on my screen! I love the birdies!


Thank you for that. I needed something to brighten up this space!

Jane E.

Thank you! My computer now looks 1,000 times better :)


Oh so lovely. Thank you for making my desktop so beautiful!!


Oh the wallpaper is great! My desktop looks so much better! Thank you!-kb


Thanks Tiel - you've just brightened my computer up.


Thank you for the wonderful wallpaper. The nesting one is my favorite.

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