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I suppose the work of Marjan Smit was called EigenDunk ( and not dRunk) meaning Self-conceit.


Hi, hope you will enjoy your trip to Belgium, you need to go to Brugges.


Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us. I am seeing so many wonderful places that I only dream of through you. Your blog is so fun and I feel I am learning so much about another part of the world from you. I know how you must miss those little ones but remember mom, they are having an adventure too. You all will have so many things to share when you reunite!
Tess from USA

Susan Tuttle

You must go to Brugge - it is a gorgeous, pristine city untouched by wartime - it is one of my favorite places! Go, go!



Sounds like you are having fun! Definitely try to go to Brugge as it is meant to be beautiful and different to Brussels!!

Time will fly and before you know it you will be home telling your kids all about your adventure on the other side of the world!


A late suggestion for you:
This is a great shop and there's one in Bruges. It reminds me of a European Muji. Make sure you order a Dame Blanche icecream after lunch. You don't get such yummy things in Brisbane!


I went to Bruges (Brugge to the locals) and to Brussels, and I have to say I much preferrd Bruges - lovely cobbled streets and quirky buildings - It's definitely worth a visit if you can fit it in, and from memory, its not too far on the train from Brussels either.



Thanks for sharing. I hope that the rest of your trip is delightful. Savor the flavor of the cities... and of course shop!


Like Zoe; It's a strange feeling that someone who's life you have been following who seemed to be so far away, is within 200 km all of a sudden. I hope you enjoy your stay in Brugge, even though you're missing the kids. :)


I've found your blog today and enjoyed it a lot. I'll come back to read your impressions on Belgium and Europe tomorrow.


Your kids will do fine! Enjoy your time. I hope you love Brussels and Belgium. It’s a crazy idea indeed that you are so close! When will you leave for Paris?


I can't believe your this close and yet still too far. Maybe this is as close as we'll ever get?

The kids will be just fine, enjoy the time and before you know it you'll be home. x

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