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If these patterns were printed on fabric, I would buy that fabric, lickety-split! Delicious! Please consider a new career in fabric design.


Ice-rain in the night, sunshine in the morning, but mainly cold.....I would say late winter.
My kids are in Paris next week!When will you start? Isn't it a major plan to go to Europe?
Have the most happy trip!!


Hi Tiel! I agree - here in Europe the weather has been so variable! When I went to Milan 3 weeks ago it was 14 degrees (which is 7 degrees warmer than the average for that time of year) and then it was 24 degrees the weekend after. Here is Scotland it was 15 degrees last weekend and to be 8 this weekend! Hm - pack a variety - and you can always buy some Parisien gear if the weather is wildly different - gives you an excuse!!


Hi ! Never took time to leave a comment, but I had to give you my opinion, as I'm French & living in France. I'm currently living around Paris, and it got colder this week. The temps really depend on where you are in France. In the south (where I'm native from, around Montpellier), it's always warmer (really) than the rest of the country. And around Paris, it's usually grey & rainy, and colder than in the south. (obviously) I check the weather report over here : http://www.meteofrance.com
I hope it helps a tiny little bit. *Ü*
PS : forgot to say that your work is very talented & I always have an eye on your prints on Etsy.


Hi Tiel, it’s 6 degrees in Holland today, but lots of rain, hailstone, so it feels colder. Most of the time he wheather in Paris is about the same as here. But it can change within a week to warmer or colder temperatures, so I’m not much of a help I guess...!
Love your Prints!! Ever considered to design fabrics?


Wow! I love your patterns! They are just great! Hope you have a great easter weekend.


I'm from the Netherlands, and here it's not as warm as in France, unfortunately.. Good luck packing ;)


I love those birds


I'm not sure what you mean by warm (lol) but yes, it is definitely beginning to thaw out over here, and I'm from the Caribbean so you can take my word for it! They are predicting around 13 C by the end of March in Lyon and much higher in the south I bet!

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