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How nice to read about your experience about my hometown...Amsterdam is and will always be the city I would want to go back to...and yes Tiel is the city I always think of when I read your blog or see your beautiful work! irene xx

Kim Wallace

Well you have made my day :) I am dutch myself and have been living in Australia for about 9 years now. Your post about the Netherlands and Amsterdam is just such a lovely reminder of home. I love your work - and have been keeping an eye on your blog... Thank you for a lovely read!


I'm living in Amsterdam and I love it! When I was a kid we learned at school about Tiel, because this was the place where the jam was made. Our fruitindustry was settled in Tiel. On the jar was a little person, called Flipje uit Tiel (Flipje from Tiel). He was born out of a raspberry with the help of a fairy. They made little books about the adventures of Flipje and he was a very populair figure in that time. Unfortunaly they took away all the fruittrees and the fruitfacory from Tiel. You can see his looks on https://www.everyoneweb.com/Flipjetiel/


How nice to read all these lovely words about my country :)

I've been to Tiel once when I went to see a well-known (and controversial) Dutch medium: Jomanda. I went to see what the fuss was all about and was quite entertained that evening. Read something about her here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jomanda

And yes, Amsterdam is a truly wonderful city, but I agree with Nicolette... I wouldn't want to live there. Too busy for me!


My next door neighbour is Dutch and her son is called Tijl (pronounced Tel). How's that for dutch trivia?


It’s so funny you love Amsterdam so much. I love the atmosphere and to be there for a day at the most, but I would not want to live there. The houses are gorgeous, but living there is very hectic. I love Haarlem and I love The Hague, my hometown, a city considered by some people to be conservative and dull, but that’s not the case at all. We live near the sea, I love the streets with all the galeries and the little shops, the museums, the concert halls, the canals (yes we have canals!) the wonderful streets with houses from the Jugendstil era. We live 10 minutes from the green heart of Holland and we have wonderful old and new architecture. Lots of ex-pats live in The Hague, which makes the city very international. A lot of big (multinational) companies have their offices in The Hague. Besides that The Hague is very multi-cultural and we have the biggest free Pop-concert in Europe, called Park-Pop.
We used to host Northsea Jazz festival, world’s most famous jazz event, but lost it to Rotterdam, unfortunitely.
Well that’s a lot to tell in a comment and here’s the reason:

Thanks for tagging me Tiel, but I’m a tagfree blogger for some time now. I’m really sorry, but I hope you understand I cannot make exceptions as I have politely refused to do other meme-tag invitations by other blogfriends.

I hope to post some pictures of my wonderful city this summer though, without the tagging-part!


Oh, I so want to travel somewhere out of the good 'ole US of A! I would like to follow the map you have posted, one day I definitely will ;)


I LOVE Amsterdam - it's one of my favorite cities that we've ever visited, and after we returned I actually did research to see about living there eventually. It's a BEAUTIFUL charming city!


Thanks for playing along :)
You were right...I had no idea what the whole thing was about, but that's the good thing about randomness.
I don't think I told you Dutch people are friendly...mainly because I believe we are straight forward which Aussies sometimes see as 'rude' so I've learnt to choose my words carefully ;)

How funny that you knew that Tiel is a town...in fact it's only about 20-30 mins from the place where I grew up. I have been to Tiel many times and even did my work experience for a company in Tiel when I was at tafe. It's not that big but a good sized country town and very central. I travelled the A15 road many times on my way to Arnhem, where I went to Uni.

I can probably take some pics of Tiel if you'd want me to...at least the sign that welcomes you into the town ;)
We're heading that way again next year because my best friend is getting married.

anyways...time for bed. Thanks for sharing!

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