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Lucky you!! I dream about doing what you are doing and I keep hinting to my Mum about all the things I would love to do and maybe she could have my daughter for the day while her brother is at pre school. My sister always manages to get on in there with her two boys before me leaving the oldies too burnt out. You have inspired me to get serious about some me time.


Hello there. The school holidays were a tad frustrating, but so much better than being back at work. I like my work, honest I do, but coming back when no one takes responsibility for what I do while I am away is so very irritating. How are the banksia drawings coming along?


Rice pudding for breakfast sounds wonderful. My grandmother used to give us bread pudding for breakfast and tell us not to tell our mother. Shh! It's a wonderful memory of a harmless secret. Shh! :-)
Your little poppets are so adorable. Just thnk of all the wonderful stories they will have to tell you of their holiday. Do share some with us....


That is one gorgeous photo! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it? Nothing like a lovely little break.

lily boot

Rice Pudding for breakfast sounds just perfect since we're all still in bed because it's so cold out of bed and the wind is gushing fiercely! I might just have to put on the slippers and go do some stirring. Glad you've had a productive week and lucky children!


Lucky kids! Time spent with grandparents is so precious.

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