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Victoria Bennett Beyer

Funny, I was thinking just the opposite.
Feeling a bit sad that the flowers are starting to dry up and the grasses are yellowing. But you've reminded me of lovely winter things I have to look forward to. Thanks!


I am looking forward to winter, our summer has been hot and unusually dry here (Middle of Kansas). Your tomato soup sounds more yummy than the boring open a can tomato soup my husband loves.


soup looks yummy! how about posting the recipe?


I love the winter sun on my balcony too......just low enough to warm up the room


Great post!

I miss Summer. We are having the most wet, windy, un-sunny Summer in ages. It soon will be Autumn. Nature already looses her leaves.


Me too, me too! I'll miss all of those things except I haven't started on a quilt. Probably never will.

Your boots are gorgeous and I'm jealous you can purchase young girl's sized boots. Lucky you.

Pooch looks so happy on the verandah!


It was exciting in Melbourne yesterday with rain coming down, actually enough to make large areas of water on the roads for the cars to splash up as they drove through. it has been a bit chilly, but we have also had some just beautiful days with clear blue skies and wonderful warm sunshine. and the heat will come and we will be all too hot. Enjoy the moment i say. Warm cords and hot soup are a comfort though!!!!!!


Lovely to hear that winter is fading in QLD but we still have enough of it here in chilly old Melbourne. Not that I mind if there's sunshine to be had. Lovely photos of your veranda!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Beautiful ode to winter :) I love it too, we get a pretty mild and lovely one here. I'm so ready for fall right now.


Nice compilation of "going goodbye winter" shots, and love the boots- where did you get them? - in Bris?

What happened to the weather, it is suddenly light at 6.00am? September is around the corner- remember last year, we had a week of 30oC temperatures. Yeek

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