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I like the blue background penguin (top); green body alligator; the pink background cat; and the red background bat! Cute!


i'm sure there's an x-ray fish too, that would be very cool done in your style...
i'm swaying to the blues too - but that's cos i've also got boys, sorry...


oh gosh, they're so lovely...all of them...

I like the penguin. And I have all boys so I'm bias towards those color schemes...


lovely illustrations, i like the first row best.


Hi Tiel, I've tagged your blog as one of my favourites! Feel free to pass it on, but only if you want to. Cheers, megan.
p.s Love the pink cat best


U for unicorn. What do the others use for X? As for the colours, go with the first row. I picked my favourites in flickr, but didn't realise you were trying to find a palette that worked for them all.


I like 1 and 4.

X as in fox (the standard cop-out!) or xolo (mexican hairless dog - perhaps not pretty)

U for urchin - good graphic shape?

What fun.


I like the bat with the red background and the kitty with the red nose. The penguin - blue, blue, blue absolutely. So I guess that leaves the alligator green. These are all just so adorable Tiel.


I don't care what you use for x or u, so long as its C for Crocodile, and not A for alligator!


I like the second but think it's more an 'adult' palette. Would definitely go for the first row. Gorgeous illustrations!


Cute illustrations....especially the alligator. I think I like the first row, and it suits both genders!

Cherry Rockette

definately the red one!

lily boot

I really love the black and rose (cat), and green and bone (alligator). And I think it would look great to use both - alternate them quilt style. Love the drawings. Hey - it could make the cutest cheater quilt (as opposed to the usual schmaltzy, traditional ones that are around!) - if you spaced them out with some simple stylised blocks and made it cot quilt sized! Oohh I'm getting excited now Tiel, I want to start stitching your lovely panel this week! :-)

janet clare

lovely illustrations. Unicorn?!

My boys won't entertain any pink or lilac anywhere, so colourways 1,2 and 4!


A xalligator and a xoctopus!
Fabulous illustrations!
I like colours 1 and 4 for kids and I like 2 myself.


wish I had half your illustration talent!! very cool. what about unicorn for the U??? is there such a thing as a xray fish??? maybe I just invented it?? happy alphabet making...


I see a monkey swinging in X and what about a deep pelican's bill for the U. We have lots of pelicans where I live and the size of them always makes me marvel. I like the colours of No.2 but could see kids like No.1 or No.4.

Kim Wallace

Hi Tiel, lovely illustrations! My favourites would be the 2nd and 4th colour palettes - both of these would suit both genders I think...

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