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Molly de Vries

Thank you for the inspiration.I love all of it. Good for you, reaching for your dreams. You have an amazing eye, enjoy!!

Steph Bond

Tiel, textile design would be fantastic! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've noticed in the past week a number of visitors to my site searching for "Australian Fabric Mafia"... I wonder if it was the journalist doing some research! I'm also really excited about textile design in Australia. It's so fresh and there is so much support within the textile community (and for the textile community too). Most of the Aussie online fabric retailers now have an "Australian Designer" category too. In case you're researching, I just did a quick tag search for "textiles" on my site and have some great inspiration on there - http://blog.stephbond.com/search/label/textiles

Best wishes!

PS - you've got a great husband.


I'm sure you can design fabulous fabric! Go for it!!


You will make a great textile designer, I can't wait!


Oooh, must try and find a back copy. Ta for pointing it out.


I enjoyed the links, what beautiful and inspiring work. Sounds like a great direction for you.

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