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Chrissy Foreman C

Oh my goodness, reading your post is like a page straight from my own head!
I think that's the hard thing about being a solo artist ... you've gotta be a jack of all trades! It would be so wonderful if all we had to do was come up with the ideas & designs and someone else could take it on board and process it all to fruition .. .but alas, I am yet to find that person!
I too have loads of patterns & ideas, wanting to take them further, but not wanting all the extra workload that come with being an artist/marketing manager/distributer/printer/merchadiser etc etc! If you come up with solutions, please give me a holler too! :)


ah yes.just printed my magazine and had similar issues - where are you in oz? perhaps I can pass on printers i learned of in my search...?



Ooh, lovely notebooks! I like the colours and the patters. I'm a notebook addict and I would definately buy them if you had them made! I live in Europe but am going travelling in Australia soon :)


wow, congrats! that's so neat that your work will be carrying your notepads. love the patterns of these notepads here.


Hi Tiel - I have no answers, but I spent my life in the same cycle, wondering, thinking, ideas and then wondering how to do anything. I am so glad I just made a decision and went to Sydney and the grandparents took two children, and they all survived perfectly without me!


I sympathise: three fantastic kids whom I love to bits but after three years parental leave, two moves and lots of sleepless nights I now want some creative space for myself. Difficult finding time for everyone and everything. Not enough hours so nights are short. You will find a way.
I love your notebooks too, take your time!

Ange Brown

I hear ya Tiel!
Its a viscious cycle...ideas=products=manufacuring (at a good enough price to make any money)=time to sell them...who's got that? when we are pulled in so many other directions!
I hate the frustration of when you have time to make contacts give them a brief of your requirments and they dont get back to you! Who's got the time to chase these peoples? I dont!
I need 2 lives...one with kids...one sans kids!
Good luck Tiel!


Identify so closely with what you've written. As someone else has said, it's small steps, I think, which are the answer. Good luck.


every journey begins with a single step... it'll work out for you, I know.

Claire - Matching Pegs

Ahhhhhh the wall.

Every mother has one.

The notebooks are lovely, I wish I had your Illustrator smarts - too many of my ideas can't get out of my head and onto the computer.

Good Luck with finding a solution.

Kylie Hunt

Those walls keep coming up all over the place, don't they? I run into them so often myself, it's a wonder my forehead isn't bruised ;) Good luck finding your solutions - I'm sorry i can't help. I do think these notebooks are fabulous and I particularly love that first photo with the pencil "made in australia" - so cute :) K


Ooooh oooh sorry, I shouldn't be so rude. I meant to leave a comment saying your notebooks are superb and I for one, would buy some.

:: K


Freaky Tiel, my background is advertising and printing...I can help you with a few local printers if you like. Just email me any ?'s you've got.

Now...have you read 'The Divided Heart' by Rachel Power?


Well what you've got going on is SO EXCITING! But I know exactly what you mean about that wall. I've hit it many, many times.

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