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oh tiel, i so understand this.


Oh my goodness, I can SO associate with your day—and it seems so can a lot of people. I'm comforted to know that I'm not the only one who has days—weeks sometimes—that don't have time or room to get started. I also work from home, have two kids, a head full of to-do's (and then stuff I actually have to get done). Anyway, thanks for sharing and by default making me feel it's ok. It is what it is. Ps. I happen to know for a fact that this week will be better than last week, next month better than this month, and 2010 will be better than 2009!

Petrina McDonald

i hear you

la casita de wendy

I can understand what you mean... i hope 2010 is going to be better year ♥

Posie Patchwork

Oh no, one of those days!! I did a post on being a housewife this week, so glad i am as when you get those interuptions, you have time to get back on track again. Hope your little one is OK, i dread the 'please get your child from school' as we live far away, the others don't usually want to come home early & well, we usually park at the local shops & ill child suddenly recovers!! Unless they are injured of course, then you fly into action mum mode. Hope next week is more fruitful, love Posie


Hang in there. And start each day afresh.


Oh how familiar this sounds. It's so hard when you work from home, there's so much to do and it just stares at you all day... Two of my kids also come home at lunch time (2 hours in all) so I have to prepare lunch and walk them to and from school everyday. "Me" time is precious, can't be doing with any unexpected phone calls or visits... Having said that, I'd much rather work from home - take the rough with the smooth :)


Yes when we're running out the door at 8.30 for the school drop off, followed by a day running from meeting to meeting at work, on the phone, writing papers, then doing the pick up before 6 and pre-dinner showers and cooking and cleaning up and hanging out the washing... And then I sit down at around 9.30pm to clear my head. I SO hear you.


Hi Tiel
If it makes you feel any better I also got that same call yesterday!!! And I'd only just walked in the door, so back I went to do the 22min drive to school and the 22min drive home :)

Turns out she had a huge sleep so I could continue getting "stuff" done and upon waking ate like a horse. She was fine this morning. If only adults were so resilient in sickness huh!!

I hope today is a better day at your place?!

Violet & Rose

I'm feeling exactly the same at the moment, and this morning I decided that if it is going to happen, I am the only one who can make it happen. Sure, I could wash, hang washing out, bring washing in, fold washing, iron, cook dinner, bake for lunches, vacuum etc all day if I chose. Or, I could chose to have a day where I sew. And yes, you get the phone calls from school. I got one last week. But hey, it happens. And tomorrow is another day. And my kids are happy. But yes, it's hard. I hear you completely. :)

Sharon L F

I hear you Tiel,

Hugs, Sharon


I often think I would be more productive, and happier, with more time to do what I wanted. But actually, I am at my most efficient when I shoehorn what I want to get done into those little gaps around other bits of life.

It means I have the sense of making something out of nothing. Which is sometimes less pressured and more fulfilling.

no blog norma

i am starting my great year this weekend .14th ..start of the Chinese New Year.i figured i would be sorted by then,so there you go,maybe make that yours too !


hey, welcome to my world.

We CAN do it though. WE ARE strong.

(that's my mantra... Icandoit Icandoit Icandoit...)


I know exactly what you mean. And if Feb is the new Jan, maybe March is the new Feb, so hopefully things will be rolling along a little more smoothly by then...? Good luck!

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