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Petra :-)

just want to leave a *hug* for you :-)

Natalie Singh

it's always a question of 'should i do my dutiful chores and clean the house, cook and wash, or forget all that and do something creative that i'll get totally lost in and not ever, ever finish?'.... story of my life!!!




i think you should be a fabric designer for ikea, so everyone can have your fabuous prints in their kitchen and lounge.


It was 12:20pm and guess what? I started the dinner!!!!! A lamb curry. By doing that I feel so much more organised and happy, the afternoon/early eve is all mine (well, ours - girls included ha ha).

Miss M will enjoy the ice-cream and attention after her tonsils are removed that's for certain.


Lovely pattern. I have your Cactus Fanfare as my notebook wallpaper and it is making me very happy every time I log on.....


great patterns... I see curtains... oh they'll be fab in big repeats in my kitchen...

Violet and Rose

I really like the colours.

I have one who is more than likely having tonsils and adenoids out this year. Just waiting to see the specialist. And like you, I'm hoping it is the answer to all our prayers!


Great pattern Tiel.

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