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Thanks for the reminder, dear artist.

Lari Washburn

Isn't it something how when you disconnect a bit (whether your choice or not!) things change? Sometimes I think all the access keeps me from really living in MY life. It sounds like you're going with the flow though. Best to you.


Tiel, I'm thoroughly enjoying the snapshots of life at your new place. Please keep sharing when the internet allows!

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Hope you enjoy your new house! Your new place sounds so wonderful.


It's amazing how dependent we've become on the internet and how we don't realise it until it's taken away... Hope you enjoy your new house (but also get your connection back!) :) Kx


I agree with Fiona, you will use your time differently in this house. You have MOVED and things are going to be DIFFERENT. I'm sure your mojo will return when you settle some more, but for now, enjoy your extra time.


Slow connections are more infuriating than no connection at all. But I'm sure you're getting other things done in the enforced hiatus!

Alex Louisa

A distance from the city with birds and trees always beats a fast internet connection!

Our internet connection is rotten too. All we can get is wireless broadband, which is slow and EXPENSIVE. But I'd still rather work from home with my wren and frog (and studio puppy) buddies, than drive into the city everyday.

Glad to hear you are enjoying it. Your photos look gorgeous. And they've reminded me that I should take many more photos myself!


Hi Tiel, we've just had similar internet issues in our new place. I was on hold for 15 mins the other day, had it on speakerphone, but forgot the phone was in my hand, tuned out to the hold music and started singing along to Play School with 2 year old H. Next I heard "...hello?! HELLO??!" then beep beep beep - they hung up. HOW EMBARRASING! Don't think he appreciated the free concert :|


your new place sounds so wonderful.

(well connection aside...)


Sometimes it's nice when things like this happen, because you use the time in a different way. When we moved here (to Berlin) we had no tv, and as a result we spent far more time outside, and being creative. I think I need my internet to break really because I am sure the house would be a lot tidier.

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