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Ellie - Petalplum

I understand that waiting time. I am finding it beautifully wonderful to spend dedicated time with my family (and for my family - like being able to make dinner beautiful and slow dinners, and sit and watch the fire together, and go for walks to see the glowworms together). But trying to not be frustrated that the time for me (and my creativity of any sort) is limited at the moment. Being a creative mother and partner is good, too...

[I'm enjoying following along with you on instagram]. xx


You'll get there Tiel x

I got very frustrated (and still do sometimes) when we moved with all my belongings constantly in boxes, hidden away or being moved around. I still don't have the "right" working space but it'll do for now.

Pancakes look scrumptious :)


I have two words to say sis - boarding school! :-)) xoxoxo

Lari Washburn

Yes you will! Beautiful montage here.

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