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Absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring!

Valerie Hebert

I've always wanted to make a quilt, but fear I'd die of boredom before I finished it. Yours is very inspiring. I do love it so.
x, Val


Wow they really are brilliant! Both !


Really lovely quilt :) I can definitely see the links between it and your paintings.


Have admired your art for a while - love your quilt.

Ellie -Petalplum

I love this quilt so much. Yes - like your paintings, which is so wonderful. Did you plan this design or did it just happen as you sewed?

A kimono-replenishing expedition would be wonderful. Luckily I have good friends in Tokyo who send me beautiful ones. But then going one day is on our wish-list (when we finish building our house).

I'd love a quilting session with you sometime........

leah of sang the bird

Tiel, there is a strong stylistic link with your painting and quilt! Love both of them. Congratulations on finishing your quilt! Yay for you!
Sweet styling x

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