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So lovely, as always, Tiel.

And I adore the idea of greeting cards...although I'm not sure I could part with them!

Ingrid x

betty wilkins

A beautiful post . . . glorious work!! Thank you for this opportunity!!


What beautiful work. It reminds me of an exhibition of Aboriginal totem poles I saw at GOMA. I love how it reminds me of home :) I'm glad you're getting some press. I'm enjoying reading about your process. Best of luck!


I can't be a confirmed stalker and not leave a comment here!;) Thanks Tiel for linking Elkhorn in this beautiful post and sharing your work process. The end results are truly inspiring(opps nearly wrote 'expiring', quite the opposite!) You deserve all this wonderful exposure... The dressed up kind! Monique x


So lovely that the world is taking notice - your work is beautiful!


such beautiful work....

I'm looking forward to the Easter break too!


I loved your "shared process"! And do i need to say that i love your beautiful art!


Your work is amazing, I have two of your pieces in my home and they are beautiful - thank you!

Simone Patterson

You're blogging again and I am picking up a vibe that you have found your mojo! Yaay.. Great to see, I will stop by more often for a dose of tsk inspiration. The nature sticks are really neat. x

Cyndi — elf_girl

love your nature sticks... they'd go perfectly with your painted stones print. :)


So apt for the start of Spring!


Very special. Thanks for the give away.


Wonderful colours and detail!
After one of the longest and gloomiest winters in living memory .... well , my memory , anyway .... I'm hoping to go outside soon and check up on Nature for myself . Until then I'm happy to admire your sticks .


such beautiful colours - and when I found out that you quilt too - my heart skipped a beat!


These are so beautiful. I love the patterns and the design of the piece.

leah of sang the bird

Groundhog day here too! My, the rain has been here for months.
I have been desiring one of your lovely pieces. One day i will own one! Enjoy you Asia fantasies.


Met with your work through Poppytalk the other day and today through Sonia! I'd love to take part in your giveaway; you have beautiful paintings!AriadnefromGreece!


I enjoy the luminosity in your work - and congratulations on the lovely exposure your work is receiving.


Ahhh ! Beautiful sticks !
Always love all the delicate "see-through" layers in your work and the white on top ...!


Your gentle colouring and focus on detail is very, very lovely.
I discovered you via Cozy Homemaking and am very glad I did!


Love everything You do, your process, your eye, your composition. Mmmmm.


Your works are beautiful.

Sallyroo (an Aussie living in Canada)

Oh this is lovely. The magical aura of the Australian Bush comes through beautifully in your work. Many times during a harsh Toronto winter, I'll visit your blog and website to assuage homesickness. And funnily enough I come away inspired and seeing beauty in the various shades of grey around me at that time.


Another beautiful work, Tiel. I would love to win it. Life in Berlin is feeling just as repetitive at the moment. Poor Hamish is ill and having to take the worst-tasting medicine every hour for 10 hours a day. But the sun is out, and spring has finally sprung, and everything is looking bright and positive now our long winter is finally over! Onwards and upwards!

margie oomen

i have loved all of your art ever since i discovered you on etsy.
I am saving my dollars to one day buy a large original piece from you.

Lisa Williams

I stummbled on your blog because of Cozy Homemaking. LOVE to win. They are beautiful. I will be a new follower of yours. Thanks for the chance here in New York USA


Gorgeous print, would look beautiful in my new house -making the move there next week.
Wishing you clear skies and lazy holiday time.


hey, count me in! It's a beautiful work. As a biologist, i'm drawn to everything nature inspired.


I connect to your work in a deep way -- it's so lovely and inspiring to me, as I'm an artist as well. Keep creating, tsk!


I know I will treat myself someday soon with something from your shop. Card sets are a fab idea, it's like sharing the love, you can keep a card for yourself & send the others away to your friends. I hope you will make some. Can't wait to see your new works.
So glad you got a bunch of exposure, and I hope it'll be fruitful for you.
Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway.
(I'm longing for the next school break too, pfff)
xoxo take care, Tiel

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