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Sallyroo (Aussie living in Canada)

Lovely blog post and can't wait to see your new paintings! And re your new puppies: we have a basset hound (similar body type - long with short legs). Our dog had surgery in February for a herniated disc. I can't tell you how many daschunds we saw in the waiting room for the same ailment. If at all possible carry them up and down stairs, and do whatever you can to prevent jumping up and down off furniture. I'm sure you already know this but I was blown away by how many doxies were in the hospital with bad backs. Seems to be a common issue with these long bodied breeds. The puppies are adoralbe. I'm seriously considering getting a doxie as our next doggie.

Lari Washburn

I think your life sounds just beautiful Tiel. Full of good everyday things, and the amazing drama of everyday things too. To know your Zia is absolutely a gift I am sure!!

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