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Oh, how I feel the same. It seems from these comments that six years might be the blog version of the seven year itch!

I started in 2006, so I'm in my sixth year too, and struggling to devote as much time and post as much as I once did. I did recently decide to recommit, but then moved house and crashed on people's sofas for a bit, which is never conducive :D

I love reading your blog and getting a glimpse into your world. I'm with Ali - if you're writing, I'm reading!

Dorien Ruben

I know the feeling.. I have a hard time deciding what and what not too share.. But I love seeing your blog posts every time you do.. So maybe I should share more too :)


I've been finding the same thing with my blog too, Tiel. I think there are so many arenas now - Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc for showing things that blogging is on a serious decline. Shame really... call me old fashioned but I do like the blog. You get to hear more of the story behind things and it really is connecting rather than just hitting a 'like' button. Anyway, I'm glad you're going to be posting more... just have to make myself do that too ;)


I'm finding blogging in the sixth year a little challenging too, if truth be told. But if you're writing here, I'm reading.

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