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lily boot

oh my - that is just around the corner from us - it is such a wasteland down that way. I so sorry for you and your family that such a lovely home has vanished - I know I shall notice every time I drive past now. My great grandmother's home - with all the fruit trees and stories and deep verandahs in Chalk Street Lutwyche is now part of the shopping centre's carpark. It's very unfair.


So lovely that the wisteria is still there :) I know how you feel... We had a beach shack that we went to every single school holiday of my childhood. My mum sold it a few years ago now when she couldn't cope with maintaining it anymore... there's a massive glass architectural masterpiece on the block now and even the hibiscus bushes that used to line the fence are all gone. This is what I'm told anyway.. I still haven't been able to bring myself to go back to Currumbin and have a look. These paintings are just wonderful! Hope they go well in Melbourne :) Kx


Such a lovely story. I was with you all the way. xx

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