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Happy new year Tiel!! may it be one full creativity and inspiration!!


Happy New Year to you! We enjoy your little art pieces in our new home. looking forward to see more... your picture of stones looks like an elephant to me. happy clearing and cleaning!


May this year be good to you, dear Tiel!


That long holiday is a killer. Mark is back to school today, and Johnny on Weds. But oddly this time, I'm a little sad about the holiday ending. We have had such a peaceful time at home and the frenzy of school commitments seems worse with each passing year. It was good to just breathe (but then our Christmas holiday is the shortest one).

I should do that unsubscribing thing too.

Ellie - Petalplum

oh I' counting the days until school starts back as well - as much as I'm trying to drag it all out. It's lovely not having to get up and rush rush rush; but some kid-free endless hours of creating are really needed here too!!

Lots of house cleaning and clearing has been happening as well. I like your idea of unsubscribing from mailing lists. I was just thinking the other day how "clear my inbox" in on my mental to-do list. urgh. What a silly thing.

Enjoy xxx


Same here Tiel... I'm clearing so many decks in this house I'm getting a bit giddy from this wonderful feeling of lightness! The cooler weather has helped too ;) Good lucky with your prep time. Kx

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