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Simone Patterson

Change is good... But something that never changes is your ability to inspire me, both artistically, and personally. x


Your new website is beautiful - how very exciting for you - this brand new chapter ... it's good to shake things up every now and again ... i will be visiting you there from now on and look forward to seeing more beautiful paintings. x


Your new blog has no comments, so I'm back here to say good luck with your new ventures - glad it's all feeling fresh and exciting again!


Your new website looks lovely, I look forward to keeping up wit your work over there :)


your new website is gorgeous. I have loved your work from the moment i discovered you on etsy. Your art graces my home and one day i hope to save up for a large painting. much love,


Oh Tiel, I totally understand. Yes, so many things have changed this last handful of years, we have almost all evolved, our arts/crafts have changed & evolved too, we almost all had to adapt to personal situations.
I think I've known you first via Flickr. I'll follow you wherever you'll go, that's the one great thing of the internet.
I hope you'll let your blog as is, so that I (we) can five into your treasured archives !
Sending you all my love & wishing you the best for your next adventures ! oxoxo

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